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Kerala Lottery Result 31.3.2021

Live Kerala Lottery Result 31.3.2021. Click Here to Check 28.2.2021 Kerala Lottery Today Karunya Plus KN-357 Result, KN357 wining number, Kerala Lottery Karunya KR 357 Result, Karunya Lottery Result 28.2.2021, Kerala lottery wining number KR 387, Today kerala lottery result chart. Here you may daily check your Kerala State Lottery Result. We upload daily here Kerala State lottery result ASAP. Visit our site to Check Kerala Lottery result Today.
Live Kerala Lottery Result Today
Live Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 28.2.2021
Lottery Name 👉 Kerala State Lottery Result
Draw Name 👉 KN357
First Prize RS/- 👉 80,00,000
Result date 👉 28.02.2021
Result Time 👉 3 PM
Result Status 👉 Not Published

Kerala Lottery 28.02.2021

28.2.2021 Karunya KR 486 Result

Kerala Lottery Results - February 2021
കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം
Today & Yesterday Chart : Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2021 Download

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 28.2.2021 | KR 357 Winner List

Kerala Lottery Result Today 28.2.2021. Dear visitor Kerala Lottery Department everyday declared their lottery result at 2:55 PM and they are lottery declare live from youtube channel, and they published their Kerala lottery result today pdf at 4:00 PM. Here we update daily KR 387 Kerala lottery result Today 28.2.21, So we request you to visit our site daily and stay connected to this page for Today Kerala Lottery KR357 Result.
So visit our site daily and check Kerala lottery result today. We provide here all kerala lottery result, and we listed Kerala lottery below in this page which we are provide. From our site anyone can check their Kerala State Lottery Result
  1. Kerala lottery win win results today
  2. Sthree Sakthi lottery results today
  3. Akshaya Kerala lottery results
  4. Karunya plus lottery Kerala lottery result
  5. Nirmal lottery results today
  6. Kerala state lottery Karunya results
So Kerala Lottery ticket buyer can check their all Kerala state lottery result today. So visit our site and check your result and also I will request you to Bookmark this page for instant checking result.

Karunya Lottery KR357 Today Result 28.2.2021

Kerala State Lottery Department conducting their Kerala Lottery Result Karunya every friday, and this Today  Karunya Lottery Result's draw code is KR-483. Most of the people search on the google for karunya Lottery result prize. So here we above listed an link for the KN-485 Result for the 28.2.2021. So visit our site daily and check Kerala State Lottery Result Today. 

Live Kerala lottery result list 28.2.2021

Kerala state Lottery buyer who brought Today 28.2.2021 Kerala Lottery Result or who participants today Kerala lottery Karunya KR357 and ticket brought from local ticket agent counter, So He/She can able to check here their Kerala Lottery Result Today 2021 Today. So here we above listed an link, which you provide today's Lottery Result.

Today Kerala KR-488 Lottery Result Prize Details

Here we explain about the kerala lottery karunya KR488 Result prize details. We are also know about that kerala lottery moeny prize but many people can not know about the money prize, So today I am explaining about kerala lottery money prize. In this para's below we mention an list which clear your all doubt about the money prize of kerala lottery result.

Prize Rank Amount
1st Rs. 80,00,000
2nd Rs. 5,00,000
3rd Rs. 1,00,000
4th Rs. 5,000
5th Rs. 2,000
6th Rs. 1,000
7th Rs. 500
8th Rs. 100
Cons Rs. 8,000

Lottery Day and Draw details of Kerala Lottery Result today 

Here we explain about the Kerala State Lottery Result Today Lottery Name and day. We are many people can not know about the which day held kerala lottery result and their name. So here you can clear your doubt. This page you can see an list of the lottery held day and their name, Which you need to carefully read.

Day Name Draw Name

You can check also above details by visiting officials website. Here we also provide So buy your favourite ticket and try your luck and also come here daily for check your result.

Live Kerala Lottery Results Today | Kerala lottery result chart

Here Below we Listed Some Kerala State Lottery Result's Prize Details. Read this prize details carefully to clear your Lottery prize related doubt. Lets Read below details. Here we listed all kerala lttery result.

Sthree Sakthi lottery result today Prize Details

Sthree sakthi lottery winner can get an attract money prize. So we discus about Sthree sakthi prize details. Sthree Sakthi first prize winner can gets 75 Lakh and 2nd prize winner can gets 10 Lakh. 3rd prize owner can received only five thousand rupees, and 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, Kerala Lottery winner received only 2000, 1000, 500 and 200 only. Sthree Sakthi cons winner get Eight thousand rupees only. Now we discus about another Kerala state lottery weekly lottery. Here below listed an money prize list which clear your all lottery prize doubt

Prize Rank Amount
1st Rs :7500000/-
2nd Rs :1000000/-
3rd Rs :5000/-
4th Rs :2000/-
5th Rs :1000/-
6th Rs :500/-
7th Rs :200/-
8th Rs :100/-
Cons prize Rs :8000/-

Akshaya kerala lottery result

Akshaya is on of the most popular lottery of Kerala State Lottery. Here we discus about Akshaya Lotttery Prize amount. So Lets read this akshaya prize details.
Akshya first prize winner gets 70 Lakh and 2nd prize winner get only 5 Lakh, 3rd prize winner received gets 1 Lakh, 4th prize winner can received 5 thousand, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th prize winner can claim their 2000, 1000, 500, 100.
Akshya Lottery cons winner will get 8 thousand only.  

kerala lottery result win win

Kerala lottery result win win. Here we discus about the kerala win win lottery result. Many people can not know about the win win lottery result money prize. SO we explain this issue. Please carefully read this article to clear lottery prize details. You may also check this details from officials website of Kerala state lottery department. Here below we listed win win prize details. Lets read this list carefully. 
Win win Prize Ranking Amount
1st Rs :7500000/-
2nd Rs :500000/-
3rd Rs :100000/-
4th Rs :5000/-
5th Rs :2000/-
6th Rs :1000/-
7th Rs :500/-
8th Rs :100/-
Cons -Rs :8000/-

Check Above details by visiting officials Website of Kerala State Lottery Result. Visit Official Site - Kerala Lottery Result Official Site

In this page above we discus theree lottery of kerala State lottery. So now we discus about of another lottery of kerala state lottery result. Here we explain about karunya plus lottery and this lottery is most of the people buy. So you need know about this lottery. So lets explain karunya plus lottery prize structure.
Karunya plus lottery first prize winner will gets 80 Lakh rupees and 2nd prize winner will received only 10 Lakh rupees. So you can see the 1st and 2nd prize amount distance. Karunya plus lottery have more six lottery prize and those are 3rd, 4rt, 5th, 6th, 7th, and cons prize. So 3nd prize amount is 2 Lakh, 4th prize amount is 5 thousand, 6th prize amount is 500 hundred, 7th prize winner can get only 100 rupees, and the cons prize amount is 8 thousand rupees only. Here below also we listed an prize list, So you can also read this prize list.

Prize Ranking Amount
1st Rs :8000000/-
2nd Rs :1000000/-
3rd Rs :100000/-
4th Rs :5000/-
5th Rs :1000/-
6th Rs :500/-
7th Rs :100/-
Cons Rs :8000/-
8th NA

Nirmal Lottery Result Prize Details

You need to know about the nirmal lottery result prize structure. If you do not know the prize structure of nirmal lottery result. So here we explain this prize structure. So lets explain about the prize structure of Kerala Lottery Nirmal. Nirmal lottery first prize is 70 Lakh and 2nd prize10 Lakh. Nirmal lottery have also 3rd prize and this amount is only 1 Lakh, 4th and 5th prize amout is 5000 and 1000. 6th and 7th prize prize amount only 500 and 100, and this kerala lottery nirmal cons prize is 8000 rupees only. You can see below an list, which we mention also nirmal lottery prize details.

Prize Ranking Amount
1st prize :7000000/-
2nd Rs :1000000/-
3rd Rs :100000/-
4th Rs :5000/-
5th Rs :1000/-
6th Rs :500/-
7th Rs :100/-
Cons Rs :8000/-
8th N/A

Karunya Lottery Result Prize Details

Karunya is the most popular lottery of the Kerala State Lottery. So you need to know about the karunya lottery result prize structure. Karunya first prize winner will get 80 Lakh and 2nd and 3rd prize can received money only 5 Lakh and 1 Lakh. 4th, and 5th, 6th prize winner gets only 5000, 2000, 1000. 7t 8th and cons prize winner will get money only 500, 100 and 8000 only.

I hope you understood about the Kerala lottery Result today prize rewards how much. So stay connected with us and get daily instant lottery Result in your one tap finger touch.

Kerala Lottery Result Today | Kerala Lottery Today Results Live

Kerala Lottery buyer know that all type of Kerala Lottery, However we also explained in below  type of Kerala State Lottery. Kerala State Lottery Result: Win-Win Lottery – It is conducted on Monday, and the results are declared at 4 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh. STREE SHAKTI LOTTERY – It is conducted on Tuesday evening, and the results are declared at 3 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh. AKSHAYA LOTTERY – It is conducted on Wednesday evening, and the results are declared at 3 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh. KARUNYA PLUS LOTTERY – It is conducted on Thursday evening, and the results are declared at 3 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh. NIRMAL LOTTERY – It is conducted on Friday evening, and the results are declared at 3 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh. KARUNYA LOTTERY – It is conducted on Saturday evening, and the results are declared at 3 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh. POURNAMI LOTTERY – It is conducted on Sunday evening, and the results are declared at 3 pm. The first prize is ₹ 80 Lakh.

Pervious Kerala lottery chart

Dear visitor in this page you download pervious or old kerala lottery chart. We listed below kerala old lottery kerala lottery chart 2021. So download old kerala lottery chart

FAQ of Kerala Lottery Result Today
When do I get daily the Lottery Result ?

👉 Kerala state lottery's daily published their Lottery result at 3 to 3:55 Pm. Visit our site daily we will try to publish result ASAP.

Can I download old Kerala Lottery Result PDF

👉 Yes. you can download old Lottery result pdf. Our blogger team daily archived old lottery result. We archived daily :
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  2. kerala lottery result today com
  3. kerala lottery result today 2021
  4. kerala lottery khela
  5. kerala lottery khela
  6. kerala lottery result chart 2021

Is it safe to use the pdf file of checking Lottery result from this site

👉 Yes, This site is fully safe for your privacy, because We run our site in Blogger platform. So you may check your lottery result to using this site.

Is Lottery Result checking free ?

👉 Yes. It is Free.

What is the best site or blog to Check or Download Lottery Result ?


Here may I check Kerala state Lottery result ?

👉 Yes, you can check here Today Live Kerala state lottery result.

Is Kerala Lottery  is Legal?

👉 Yes. Lottery is Legal in only 13 states of India. These are Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Mizoram.

Who can Participate in Kerala Lottery Result Today draw?

👉 Anyone can participate in the Kerala State Lottery draw and  also foreigner can participate in kerala lottery draw .

What is the 1st Prize Money in Kerala Lottery?

👉 Lottery sambad 1st Prize money is Rs. 80 Lakh.

How to check Kerala Lottery Result Today  28.2.2021 ?

The Participants of Kerala Lottery Result who brought lottery ticket for  28.2.2021 can be able to check Today 28.2.2021 Kerala Lottery Result. I request to you follow the below steps.

Step 1 : At first you need to Kerala State Lottery Department officials website.

Step 2 : Then you need to find out "Lottery Resul" option.

Step 3 : Find out Today Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus KN-357 and Draw Date 28.2.2021

Step 4 : Now Click Today 28.2.2021 Karunya Plus KN 357 Link. Your Result pdf will download automatically

Step 5 : Then matching your Lottery number for whether won or defeat.

How to claim Kerala Lottery Winning Money?

👉 Using Lottery Claim form of Kerala state Lottery, you may claim your lottery prize.

kerala lottery claim form
kerala lottery claim form

Download Kerala Lottery Claim Form :


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